For many around the world, Yoga & Meditation is just stretching the body or make different postures and focus on any subject by closing the eyes, For us here in India, Yoga and Mediation are our way of life and so way of living.

In India, Yoga is Yog ( addition ) which literally means union of two – Union of mind and body. Mediation for us is union of mind and soul. It is here in India where yoga and mediation originated. Our day starts with yoga and ends with meditation. For Indians, yoga and meditation are not only for well being but is for spiritual enlightenment. It is a science to determine Who you are and what you want to be.

Yogis and sadhus (Holy man) adopted yoga and mediation as a part of their day to day life living in ashrams along the sacred rivers or mountains, are spreading this spiritual way of living around the world.

Several ashrams and retreats are your host to experience this centuries old science of yoga and mediation. A stay at one of the ashrams or a yoga retreat along your holidays has been helping people to understand and experience yoga and meditation in India.