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” ‘An Indian Consciousness’ ” ‘Ayurveda and Yoga on Om Beach’

nspired by the first sound of creation, OM, the resort in Gokarana on Om Beach is a perfect setting to enable one to hear the ‘voice of the inner self’.
SwaSwara is cast in the colours of the earth and the ocean and is in harmony with the land and its culture. Its form and spirit celebrates simplicity and purity, in keeping with our ethos of health and well being.
SwaSwara goes beyond being a spa in the traditional sense. Neither is it an ashram. SwaSwara is a sanctuary for your Prakruti or the innermost nature of an individual – that special blend of qualities and features that grant it uniqueness! Its goal is to offer a life plan for the ‘reconstruction’ of mind and body to bring about balance and harmony within. Starting at 5 nights and going up to 21 nights, we offer programmes to transform yourself.

Hotel Facilities & Services

  • Ranked No.2 in the ‘Best City Hotels in Asia’ survey by the Travel + Leisure USA Magazine
  • All day dinning restaurant
  • Indian specialty and multi-cuisine restaurants
  • Temperature controlled swimming pool
  • Couple spa suites
  • 20 minutes drive from International airport
  • Rooms for specially abled guests
  • 24 Hours room service
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Spa offering traditional Ayurvedic therapies

Know More About SwaSwara Goa :

We live unaware of the nurturing inner voices of our being, drowned out as they are by the din of daily life. Only when everything else quiets down and we are at peace with ourselves in our surroundings can we hear it. That’s why we made sure that the shouts and clamors of the world die down to whispers at SwaSwara so that you may be uplifted by clouds of enfolding tranquility. SwaSwara is poetry in stone, painted with colours that symbolise the grounding energy of the earth, offset by the healing purity of white. The dwelling units at SwaSwara are villas that invite you to revel in the open and green spaces that have been created within the confines of your walls. These afford privacy, yet open up to the skies and exposes nature in its full bounty to the senses. A yoga deck on the second level offers spectacular views of the countryside and ocean while also serving as a perfect nook for Yoga practices.
Earthy and simple as its design is, SwaSwara is not spartan or lacking in comforts. Its architecture pays homage to the terrain and its character while infusing your personal spaces with an abundance of nature that plays its own unseen hand in healing

Konkan Villa with Private Courtyard Garden

Accommodation in spacious Konkan villas that boast an open inner courtyard and partially open to the sky bathrooms. To make the most of the beautiful natural surroundings only the bedrooms can be enclosed and are air conditioned; the rest of the villa opens out to nature.

The adage that ‘you are what you eat’ is a given truth at SwaSwara. Good food- planned and appropriate – is an intrinsic part of wellness. They are chosen made with care to hasten the process of wellness in you.
You are welcome to visit our interactive kitchen gallery to understand and partake of this intensive and complex culinary process dedicated to wellbeing.
Much thought goes into the ingredients for the SwaSwara kitchen . We prefer to make food that is grown in harmony with nature, ripened naturally on healthy soil and cooked with an air of mindfulness. Our fresh produce – from the organic vegetable farm at SwaSwara and the neighbourhood – consists of seasonal tropical fruits,vegetables and freshly caught seafood. These are complemented with juices and herbal teas. Dairy and eggs are limited in their use as is the use of oils in our preparations. For those on the Swa Wellbeing, wine is offered. Our menu does not feature meats, hard liquor, refined sugar or refined flour.

Anamaya Beach Restaurant

Cocum Restaurant

Special moments are best lived at this iconic modern palace hotel ” Swasara Goa” in the capital city of India. Hotel has various options to make your special occasion , a memorable one.

Visit The Temple Town

Meander around and find yourself back in time at Gokarna’s 2 streets amid the sacred cows; visit its famous Shiva temple; or tour the inland temples and forts.

Interactive Cooking

Learn to cook healthy South Indian Cuisine with our chefs in the Kitchen.
Everyday, our chefs offer interactive classes for healthy cooking. The guests are encouraged to go into the kitchen and cook with our chefs to learn how to cook healthy and improve our food habits. They give you recipes to try at home and healthy alternatives you can find in your city. With the skill to cook with almost no oil, no refined sugar or flour , our guests have been able to successfully change their own and their family members’ lifestyle at home.

Art Studio

Expressing oneself through art was an activity enjoyed and reveled in as children. At SwaSwara get back in touch with that forgotten child within us. To break the ice our Artist in residence can take you through the paces besides introducing you to different mediums of art if you so wish.

AYURVEDA - Integrating our mind, body and soul.

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of healing, is unique in that it addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our well being in an integrated and related way. Our therapies are designed around this holistic understanding of life and serve to heal your body, relax your mind and rekindle your soul.
Ayurveda dates back more than 2000 years originating in the Vedas, the ancient Hindu texts that contain practical information related to almost all aspects of life and is that branch of the Vedas which delves into the essence of right living and healing. Literally meaning the ‘knowledge or Science (‘veda’) of life’ (‘ayur), Ayurveda is an amalgamation of different knowledge systems that combine to offer a right and healthy way of life that is disease free.

Finding equilibrium for the body, mind, soul.

At SwaSwara we offer classical Yoga and Meditation sessions mediated by qualified practitioners. The Yoga offered at SwaSwara is Hatha Yoga and it is a form that focuses on physical suppleness and flexibility. It maintains that the basis for spiritual well-being lies in strengthening the body, which in turn benefits the mind. While food, Yoga and art take care of the body and mind. We have included Meditation to address the inner self and complete the unity. The guided Meditation practices at SwaSwara instill serenity and peace in you, which in turn makes it easy for the body and mind to converge in a spirit of harmony and total wellbeing.

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