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City Tales

India with a written history of 5000 years has developed varied culture. Ruled by different dynasties and emperors, the cities of India are also different from each other. Each city has a different tale and has evolved a unique story written by its heritage, palaces & forts, monuments, rivers and beaches. Each city with varied climatic conditions and topography ranging from Himalayas to beaches, dunes of Thar desert to the jungles, rivers to back-waters, is a new experience as a traveller proceed from one to another.

Cities in the mountains in Himalaya or near the wilderness of forests of India, on the famous Silk Trade Route through the desert of Great Thar or a spiritual temple town on the banks of a holy river, each city or destination in India is unique than the other.   Listen City Tales and history from an expert of destination to add more flavour and fragrance of knowledge and experiences to your ever remembered journey when you travel through the charismatic cities of India.