Luxury amidst Stunning Landscapes

Explore the Luxury in abundance while Glamping in India. Growing infrastructure and facilities of India’s Glamping – Camping with Luxury, is artfully established in mountains, in wildlife, in desert, in back-waters and at the beaches. India offers finest collection of Luxury Camps and Tents amidst mesmerizing landscapes amidst snow capped peaks, desert of Thar, wilderness and the tranquil beaches.

India is a paradise for modern day Glampers who like to enjoy Camping with luxury and comforts of the home. Indulge and experience a whole new world of Luxury Camping when you stay at one of our handcrafted selection of Luxury Camps & Tents set in a perfect setting of nature. Unforgettable memories of living close to the nature in the mountains, deserts, beaches, jungles.

Our tasteful selection of Luxury Camps & Tents across India offer romantic fine dining experiences, world class spa and are clubbed with 24/7 personal butler on call, personal naturalist for private game drives, experienced guides for hiking, trekking or even just a walk through the rural India, harmonization of your mind, body & soul with a Yoga & Meditation instructor.

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