Ladakh LADAKH : THE MYSTIC LAND IN HIMALAYAS Leh-Lamayuru - Alchi- Hemis- Thiksey- Nubra Valley - India


Ladakh, the northernmost part of India at an altitude of 2700 meters to 7600 meters above sea level, is a magical and mystical land dotted with Centuries-old Buddhist monasteries which are home to thousands of lamas practicing rich traditions of Tibetan Buddhism in a monastic order. Extraordinary picturesque landscapes at the foothills of the Great Himalayas are filled with cold deserts, snow-capped mountain peaks, rivers and valleys, lakes, and orchards. The terrain has rich fauna and is home to some of the rarest sighted Snow Leopards and mountain wildlife. Owning to many similarities to the Tibetan art, culture, architecture, and lifestyle of habitats , Ladakh , sometimes, is also referred to as ” Little Tibet” in India.

Ladakh with its remote mountain beauty has a long history written in its monasteries, temples, villages, customs, and rituals. The monasteries of Ladakh are not only the home to thousands of lamas but are also a mystical world of stupas, mandalas, thangkas, wall paintings, and prayer flags spread across the region. The monasteries are the strong spiritual hubs of Tibetan Buddhism where scholars and lamas have been meditating and practicing Buddhism for centuries. High hills of the region and snow capped peaks are also the home to to many rare and endangered species of mammals, reptiles, and insects. One of the most remarkable habitats of these high-altitude cold deserts is the Snow Leopards who come down to the valley in prey base of food – Mountains Bharals ( blue sheep ) during the month from December to March. Wildlife enthusiasts travel from across the globe in search of rare and endangered animal species in a setting that features the snow-capped Himalayas Mountains, clear cobalt lakes, and ever-changing sand dunes.  

Leh, at an altitude of 3500 meters,  is the capital city of the Union Territory of Ladakh is the gateway to explore this mystical land in Himalayas. Leh city and the surroundings are home to many ancient monasteries including Lamayuru, Alchi, Hemis, Thiksey and many more. Other important regino in Ladakh is Nubra Valley which is the land of cold desert and home to Double humped camels. Picturesque Nubra Valleys is also known for Diskit monastery and ancient Ladakhi villages.

The best time to visit the region of Ladakh is from 15th April to 25th September when the temperature ranges between 5°C to 20°C with clear sky and no chances of rain. During this period, most of the monasteries celebrate their annual festivals and mask dance ( Cham) are performed by the monks of the monasteries. However, for the travellers who travel to Ladakh in search of Snow Leopard and other rare mountain wildlife, the little time window to travel is only from the first week of February to 2nd week of March.  

Experiences in Ladakh:

Lamayuru Monastery

Alchi Monastery

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