Mathura and Vrindavan


Twin cities of Mathura & Vrindavan in northern India near the city of Taj Mahal-Agra are historic Hindu religious towns attracting million of pilgrims and visitors from all across the world.

Mathura is the town where Lord Krishna ( one of the reincarnations of Vishnu ) was born while Vrindavan is the land where Krishna spent his childhood. The entire land is dotted with magnificent temples, dedicated to various aspects of his life and resound to the sound of his laughter, antics, and his magical flute.

As per the legends, the tradition of celebrating Holi started at Mathura & Vrindavan where Krishna first played Holi with his beloved Radha throwing the colours extracted from different flowers. The entire region soaks in the colours of joy, affection, and happiness. Temples during these days are decorated beautifully and become the epicentre during the days of the festival where devotees of Krishna & Radha immerse from all around the world to celebrate the Colours of Life.

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