Luxury by the Waters

A private villa on the waterfronts with Jacuzzi and a heated plunge pool, walk on the beach or a canoe ride through the palm fringed narrow canals, scuba dive or snorkelling to see amazing marine life, rejuvenation of mind, body & soul practicing traditional sciences of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda , a romantic dinner and a personal 24/7 butler – all this is must to have when you think of a vacation at a Luxury Resort at a beach or back-waters. India offers a wholesome bouquet of Luxury Beach & Back-waters Resorts along its vast coastline with these experiences to remember forever.

From Goa to Goakrna in west to Tamilnadu & Andamans in south, India has some of the most beautiful sun-kissed golden beaches along the massive coastline majorly Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. The tropical beaches and serene back-waters of Kerala make India the perfect destination for a luxurious beach & back-waters holiday.

Our tasteful and handpicked selection of Luxury Beach & Back-waters Resorts on the gorgeous beaches and tranquil back-waters in India offers an experiences of sun, sand, beach and backwaters amidst the luxurious way of comforts to treasure forever.

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