The Grandure Of Historical Palaces & Forts – Your New Address For Holidays

India, for centuries, has been ruled by many Dynasties and Emperors. From early Magadha Empire to Mughals followed by 550 Princely independent states untill the independence of India , India kept on shifting and preserving the customs, traditions and the grandeur of each era and empire. Reminiscence of each era added to the rich Heritage and Culture of India reflects in its magnificently built Forts & Palaces.

Before the independence, India was ruled by different Princely States, small & big, each headed by a King, Maharaja or Nawabs. Many of these rulers of princely states built magnificent Forts, Palaces and Havelies for their safety as well as to be used as residences. Most of these Forts & Palaces were to showcase the grandeurs and royalty of the ruler and members of the ruling family. These Forts & palaces were the epitome of awe-inspiring architecture and grand interiors, rich cuisines, culture and art. Later, after the independence of India, when royal privileges of princely states were abolished, many of these Forts & Palaces were renovated and savored to their original charm and converted into Luxurious Hotels & Resorts.

Today, Forts & Palaces of India, the former Royal Residences, same legacy and traditions of erstwhile princely regions and a peek into the life and times of bygone royalty. Combined together, the architectural grandeur to expensive interiors, Vintage Cars to Elephants & Camels to welcome the guests, gourmet delicacies cooked with traditions and recipes of royal kitchens and served in iconic dinning rooms and banquets, Verandahs and Gardens, a stay in a Fort or a Palace in India is a unique experience to live the same old charm of royalty.

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