Bandipur National Park in Karnataka in India located among the picturesque mountain of Western ghats and Nilgiri Biosphere-reserve is one of the best managed parks in India. It is one of the premier Tiger Reserves in the country along with the adjoining Nagarhole national park. It was once a private hunting reserve for the Maharaja of Mysore but has now been upgraded to Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Bandipur national is the largest habitat of wild elephants in south Asia.

The park in an area of 874 square kilometers protects several endangered wildlife species in India. National park is home to Royal Bengal tigers, Asiatic elephants, leopards, jackals , sloth bears , four horned antipoles, deers and many other wildlife species. Park also has dense forest with timber trees of teak, rosewood and sandalwood.

Bandipur National Park is 210 kms from Bangalore and 80 kms from Mysore. Nearest airport is Bangalore. Along with other tourist destination of Karnataka like Mysore and Hassan , Bandipur National park is visited by lot of tourists and wild-life lovers from across the world.

Though the park is open to visitors through-out the year. National highway passes through the national park but no traffic is allowed between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM. Most of the hotels are in-side the national park. So, it is always advisable to reach to the park gate before 9:00 PM.

Best way to see the wildlife is by Jeep safari in morning and evening. Elephant safari ( ride ) is also available at Bandipur National park from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

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