Hyderabad, The Pearl City of India is a metropolitan town in South India with a blend of old & new. With the history as old as 400 years as an independent state ruled by Nizams to modern day Hi-tech city, Hyderabad has savoured its lineage of art, culture and mouth-watering delicacies in form of its famous Biryani ( a rice dish).

Hyderabad was the largest and most prosperous one among all the princely states ruled by Nizams (title of the monarch of the Hyderabad State) who were famous all around the world for their immense wealth in form of pearls and diamonds queried from nearby diamond mines of Golconda which produced some the biggest diamonds like The Kohinoor and The Hope.

The beautifully designed ancient monument like Charminar, mosque like Qutub Shahi and the impressive Golconda Fort are some of the glimpse of the bygone era.

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