Tamilnadu - Land of Ancient Colorful Temples South India

Tamilnadu - The Land of Artistic and Colourful Temples

Tamilnadu, a southern Indian state along the Bay of Bengal, is known for its heritage, temple architecture, brilliant sculptures of its ancient colorful temples with tall entrance gateways, panoramic hill stations, mesmerizing beaches, delicious cuisines, and religious festivals.

Tamilnadu is known as The Land of Temples and is home to many UNESCO World Heritage sites built in unique Dravidian architecture. This state is home to around 33000 ancient temples and some of them exist as long as 800 years to 1400 years.

Temple architecture in Tamilnadu has been contributed by many rulers in state starting from 700 AD when the temples were carved out of stone thus showcasing an imitation of caves. Later rulers beautify temples by making towers and halls and later rulers added artistic style tall gopurams ( entrance gateways ) , painted pillars and ceilings.

Though the entire state is blessed with many tourist attractions ranging from temples to rolling mountain slopes to wildlife, following are some of the most important destinations in Tamilnadu where a travelers is sure to be amazed with the Devine spirituality and mesmerizing architecture of temples.

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